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C1857 Blue John Fluorite

This is a large piece of the rare Blue John Fluorite, which is mainly light in colour, loving purple banding on the side and the dark purple at the ba...
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C1859 Blue John Fluorite

This is a delightful piece of Blue John Fluorite, which has been cleverly shaped into a tear-drop shape and shows shades of the purple and some golden...
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C1860 Blue John Fluorite

This is a stunning example of the rare Blue John Fluorite, clearly showing the colouring and banding on the side, the deep purple at the base and some...
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C1861 Blue John Fluorite

Another lovely example of the Blue John Fluorite, this has beautiful banding on the sides clearly showing the different colours. There is both the dar...
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C2530 Record Keeper Ruby

Grounding, stimulating libido, creativity and manifestation, rubies have a warming energy that brings positive thoughts and vigour. They resonate with...
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C2545 Natural Ancestralite

As the name suggests, this crystal is perfect for clearing and healing karma and patterns from the ancestral line and at the same time, it preserves t...
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