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Aquamarine is a very calming crystal that works with the mind and the throat. It clears confusion, reduces stress and removes extraneous thoughts, quietening the mind and making it an excellent crystal for meditation. It can also sharpen the mind and bring clarity and helps to bring understanding of underlying emotions. Working on the throat area it helps expression, clears blocked communication and is useful for sore throats, swollen glands and thyroid problems.
Aquamarine can break old, self-defeating programs, brings courage and has a general tonic effect. It is useful for closure on all levels, harmonises its surroundings and helps if you feel overwhelmed by responsibility. It is perfect for both the Mercury-ruled signs of Virgo and Gemini and bring clarity to Pisces who can also ‘suffer’ from feeling overwhelmed.

S1649 Aquamarine pebble

Lovely green example of Aquamarine in a smooth. and relaxing pebble form.Please see photos for size guidanceAquamarine is a. very calming crystal that...
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S1650 Natural Aquamarine

A gorgeous piece of Aquamarine with matrixPlease see photos for size guidanceAquamarine is a. very calming crystal that works with the mind and the th...
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S1656 Natural Aquamarine

A gorgeous chunk of good quality Aquamarine, which almost looks like tow cubes grown together, with many polished sides. Please see photos for size gu...
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S1657 Natural Aquamarine

A nice piece of Aquamarine with some naturally polished faces and lovely blue colour which didn't really show in the photos.Please see photos for size...
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S1658 Natural Aquamarine

Another lovely example of Aquamarine, an unusally longish piece with good colourPlease see photos for size guidanceWeight 21gmsAquamarine is a. very c...
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S1659 Natural Aquamarine

A natural Aquamarine nugget, with nice colouring.Please see photo for size guidanceWeight 8gmsAquamarine is a. very calming crystal that works with th...
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