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S1254 Flint tumbled

Flint is one of the best grounding stones there is, and I always recommend it for that. These pieces have been beautifully tumbled so it shows off the...
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S1849 Milky Way Flint

This is a fine example of the Blue, Milky Way Flint, showing the sold colour throughout the piece and the angularity/masculine energies associated wit...
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S1862 Flint

This smallish piece of Flint has one intriguing reddish-brown 'eye' and is thin, almost like a cutting tool. It also reminds me of a guitar pick and q...
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S1964 Child of Gaia Flint

Child of Gaia Flint's parents are Gaia's Blood, or Blood of Gaia (feminine), and Milky Way Flint (masculine). Child of Gaia is mostly white, and has a...
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