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Avalonite is a rare form of Drusy Blue Chalcedony. This stone has strong associations with Glastonbury, also known as the Isle of Avalon and will take you there if wished and into the mythical realms where fairy tales and legend offer deep wisdom. It helps you to link into ancient magic and to communicate with fairies, elves and devas.

Avalonite is an effective healer for disillusionment, creatively reworking the myths in your life, bringing about a profound trust. It helps to access and gain insight into knowledge held in the collective unconscious.

Gazing into the depths of Avalonite helps to contact your inner wise woman or priestess incarnations. Avalonite enhances visualisation and journeying, opening psychic awareness and telepathy between soul partners and harmonising the emotional, mental and spiritual knowledge at the centre of your being.

Avalonite is perfect for those who fear to love, or who fear failure, as it opens the heart and allows you to discover the perfection of your true self and recognise that you are never alone. It absorbs negative energy and transmutes it to prevent onward transmission and is said to be beneficial for sensitivity to weather or pressure changes