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Fire and Ice Quartz

Fire and Ice Quartz

Key Words ; Clarity, Balancing Light and Dark, Energising, Igniting and guiding Soul Purpose, Healing Past Lives, Manifesting, Empowering

Created by heat and then rapidly cooled, Fire and Ice Quartz (Rainbow Quartz) has the contrasting energies of Fire and Water, of light and dark Usually cut into stand-up pieces, which are often quite chunky and substantial, they have the most amazing clarity and sparkle and are very energetic with lots of rainbows on the many internal planes and fractures formed during the heating and cooling process. These shapes, colours and symbols can be used almost as a scrying tool, giving spiritual advice on our Soul path.

This is a very high vibration Quartz that helps to balance light and dark, heal past lives, assists manifesting and helps with new beginnings. It empowers us, helping us to see and tap into our own strengths and abilities, rather than doing the work for us. They sit well in the hand, are perfect for the centre of grids and distance healing as well as looking good on the shelf when you aren't working with them.

S1241 Fire and Ice Quartz

Another stunning example of this exceptional Quartz.  This one has some iron/golden coating and an small amoiunt of an unknown inclusion.Weight 118 gm...
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