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Galena is the naturally occurring lead, which is rather beautiful, shimmering with its metallic silver-greyness. It is, however, poisonous and therefore has to be handled with common sense and caution and hand-washing after handling. Due to this nature, I have decided not to list any pieces on the website where the Galena is visible, but do have some pieces available for people who know about these things and are therefore suitable guardians for them.

The Celtic Quartzes come from a lead mine, and whilst it can possibly be a component in the original composition of these, there is no individual lead within the vast majority and certainly none visible, however we would still suggest that you should always exercise good hygiene and wash your hands after handling them, as you should after handling any crystals. 

There are, however, some pieces which have chunks of the Galena which protrude through to the surface, and these are what I am calling Galena pieces. Some are mainly the Quartz and therefore easy to handle without touching the lead itself, whilst others are mostly the Galena. If any of these would be of interest, please email me for more details. - 

Lead is considered the metal of transformation and of alchemy.