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Pyrite, Iron Pyrite, Fool's Gold

Protective, Energising, Revealing, Sparking, Grounded reality, Masculine. 

All that glitters is not gold’, is a famous phrase, and Pyrite, or Iron Pyrite, is also called Fool’s Gold, as its natural golden, metallic lustre can easily be mistaken for the much more expensive metal. It can be spotted as the golden sparkly bits in stones such as Lapis Lazuli and Granite. On its own, it has a cubic structure which can form fascinating shapes, and is very heavy and also, but more rarely, forms the most stunning, radiating Sun shapes. It is surprisingly soft and brittle and can be easily scratched.

Energetically, it is associated with masculine energy, the Sun, Mars, the Solar Plexus and abdominal area. It protects against darkness, pollutants and negative energy and its reflective surface gives it the ability to reveal the truth. Having an activating, sparking energy (it can be used to start fires as it actually sparks when hit), it can be used on anything that is sluggish or not moving as fast as we wish, including on areas of the body, and can re-spark enthusiasm, easing anxiety or depression. Its masculine qualities strengthen logical, left-brained thinking, but it can sometimes bring out the macho-side of males, whilst it can empower less confident men and women, and can help to balance left/right brain, instinct with intuition, creativity with analysis.

It energising qualities can be employed to bring energy into business projects and plans.

S1210 Metal Dragon

Gorgeous Dragon, bought as Pyrite but with interesting white veining, so can't 100% be sure what it is, but it is definitely metal and very keen to ge...
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S1930 Iron Pyrite Cube

A single Iron Pyrite Cube.Please see photos for size guidanceProtective, Energising, Revealing, Sparking, Grounded reality, Masculine. All that glitte...
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