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Cradle of Life, Cradle of Humankind

This very unassuming, quite basic-looking stone reflects its purpose to take us back to basics, helps us to have a life review and to rebuild ourselves. Another unusual and very important property is that it shows us the energies that we are holding onto from others and need releasing.

Originally called Cradle of Humankind and given to Judy Hall to investigate, she misremembered the name and it became Cradle of Life. Judy said that it also ‘shows what is stuck in your DNA and needs to be moved out so that you can switch on beneficial DNA and move on from family patterns. It was a missing piece of the ancestral healing puzzle. It clears out ‘stuck energy residue’. In this context, the ancestral line is not only your own family tree but that of all humanity and the planet….Good for those who’ve been uprooted/displaced and need to find a new home within themselves.’

When we do release energies, it creates a holding space until something new can be brought in. It gives us a deep connection to Gaia and is therefore grounding and centering and connects the Heart and Throat and can reawaken old telepathic abilities, enabling us to understand what is being energetically communicated, rather than verbally.

It comes from where the oldest human and protohuman fossils were found in archaeological excavations South Africa).