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Celtic / Welsh Quartzes

Celtic Golden Healer Quartz comes from the heart of Wales, and has one of the highest vibrations. There are many forms of it, from the pure golden (golden healer), to the Chevron, Lumi, those with matrix, blue/silver and some very dark ones with a high amount of hematite/iron. The area was originally mined for lead (galena), and this is the basis for most of the crystals, making them very heavy and adding a grounding property as well as the high vibration. This makes them excellent for exploring the higher vibrations without disappearing into the ether! A piece with the matrix as well as the golden is particularly good for this.

The lead derivative also adds alchemical and transformational qualities so is perfect for Soul alchemy work. 
Each piece is individual whilst they all have the high vibration Many are elemental, such as the rarer blue/silver representing water and working more on an emotional level whilst the Lumi are home to star light beings. The Chevron are excellent for deep emotional healing (excellent for Scorpio energy), taking you gently down through the layers, or bringing the layers gently to the surface.

All ‘varieties’ work on ancestral healing and Earth healing and have a high vibration.

May contain traces of toxic material, please wash hands after use and make essences by an indirect (no contact with water), method.

S1507 Lumi

These unique and fascinating crystals are a form of the Celtic Quartz. The beings that inhabit the crystals have made themselves known as ‘The Lumi’, ...
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S1663 Celtic Quartz

This is a stunning, individual Celtic Golden Healer Quartz, with lots going on, and sparkles on every face. The amount of golden and clear Quartz give...
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