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S2080 Rough/Natural Obsidian Apache Tears? from £4

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S2080 Rough/Natural Obsidian Apache Tears? from £4

Apache Tears, was a stone I had been meaning to buy for a long time. I remember using it as one of the first stones I purchased, in a tumbled form, and I was delighted when I spotted these natural/rough pieces. When you see a small piece of Apache Tears, one of the features of it is that it is  a much paler, smoky translucent variety of black Obsidian, but this looks more like the denser, more opaque 'ordinary' Obsidian. I have dowsed, asked it and held it up to the light, where the edges are quite opaque, and continually get the answer that they are indeed Apache Tears. So it is almost like, these are going to be working on a much deeper level, and I wonder if they are coming forward for some deep, collective healing (tears) that I have felt is coming. 

Black Obsidian is the crystal at the Base Chakra, for Feb and Mar 22, in my series of Crystal Chakra alignment sets. This makes perfect sense, as if there is very old and deeply ingrained collective fear, persecution, pogrom-type energies lodged there and in our DNA, the Base Chakra is going to be quite unsettled and there are going to be deeply unconscious emotions of feeling victimised, unsafe, insecure and fearful, and of not wanting to stick out in the world, for fear of being 'spotted'. There are many situations in the not too distant past history, where people had to hide, due to their religions in particular, and many examples of 'ethnic cleansing'. These are just my initial thoughts as to why these might be stepping forward now, as i feel there will be a lot of healing opportunities around these  old energies in 2022

Available in three sizes Please see photos for size guidance. 

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