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S2360 Large Natural Epidote

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S2360 Large Natural Epidote

Oh my goodness, I remember one of my crystal teachers using the word 'stonking', and that came back to me when I saw this piece. I am in love!

Epidote emits a comforting, supporting strength that makes it no surprise that it wasn’t identified as a different mineral until relatively recently, having been previously mistaken for Tourmaline. Most commonly seen in its natural form in a very dark green it’s solid feel is added to by the large faces on many of the larger piece, whilst other colours are more likely to be tumbled. It is very grounding and earthy from the deep green and is described by Sue and Simon lily in The Essential Crystal Handbook, as ‘sturdy and buttressing’. It’s not surprising that it is a practical stone and helps things to become established and grow, steadies the emotions and can be used in goal setting.

Physically, it is said to strengthen on all levels, including muscles, tendons, bones and cartilage.

Please see photos for size guidance.

Weight 659 gms!!

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