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S1528 Vera Cruz Amethyst point

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S1528 Vera Cruz Amethyst point

This is a very special form of Amethyst that hasn't been available for some time. Many are so pale and clear that at first glance I thought they were Pink Kunzite. Brilliance is the best word I can find to describe their high vibration energy which links to the Violet Flame and its transmuting energies. Linking to the ethereal blueprint, and DNA, and the higher chakras, Vera Cruz helps to clear energies not authentic to us and especially the higher chakras as it links us to the Soul Star.

It helps to break the cycle of co-dependency, bringing understanding of the causes of addictions and helping to reframe them, for ‘addicts’ and also their carers, allowing the other their journey, and to stand back with unconditional love. For the ‘addict’, it can bring understanding of the underlying, unexpressed emotions, facilitating a more positive and authentic expression,

Available individually or in pairs.

There are also some dark ones, and it quickly became obvious that some wanted to go into balancing pairs. The dark ones appear to be de-gunkers, especially of emotions and if there is a lot to clear, the clearer one softens the process.

This particualr point is Lemurian shaped and has a subtle hint of the lilac that refused to be photographed, whilst there is a sprinkling of the darker, de-gunking coating and markings. This point links to the higher dimensions and is a journeyor.

Please see photos for size guidance

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