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S1511 Celtic Chevron Quartz from £8

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S1511 Celtic Chevron Quartz from £8

The Chevron Quartz, with it’s fan shape and layers, helps to access the layers beneath the surface, to bring deep emotions to the surface where they can be acknowledged, healed, transformed or released as is appropriate. Whatever arises does so because it needs to be let go of. It is an excellent stone for a Full Moon and any other time where you feel you want to access and release old emotions or where they are overwhelming you.
It was my stone for Scorpio in my zodiac tele-workshop series but can be used for any of the Water signs or planets in them. Celtic Chevron Quartz is one of the family of Quartzes that come from the crystal or dragon mountain in Wales, known under the generic name of Celtic Golden Healer Quartz. This variety of the crystal is recognisable by its chevron bandings and triangular shape, sometimes looking like teeth. It is usually or mainly white and opaque with occasional golden or clear parts.

Available in different sizes, please see photos for size guidance. We will select the perfect one for you!

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