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S2535 Windfossil Agate, Citrine and Satin Spar/Selenite Memory Wire Bracelet

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S2535 Windfossil Agate, Citrine and Satin Spar/Selenite Memory Wire Bracelet

Nearly 2 turns of memory wire, this lovely bracelet has Wind Fossil Agate accompanied by brightening and uplifting Citrine (probably HTA due to yellow tone) and Selenite which feels like it brings in Spiritual/Divine/Angelic light to lift the darkness of any karmic healing, and helping to balance the mundane and Spiritual. Citrine adds optimism, positivity and abundance and also lifts the energies. Leaf-shaped spacers bring in Earth and nature energies and this attractive bracelet is finished with a 5-petalled flower charm.

Windfossil Agate helps us to understand that we are an eternal Soul, having a human experience in this lifetime. It works with karma, thus helping us to see the bigger Soul picture on our human existence, It can help to clear and heal karma from past lifetimes, transmuting old energies that are no longer needed on this journey, leaving those that we are still working on, and also the strengths and gifts we innately have from our previous learnings. It is said to also help us to end a karmic pattern, when ‘sufficient has been done’, allowing the Soul to move on from that particular energy and lesson.

Wind Fossil Agate promotes endurance and strength during challenging times, patience whilst waiting for a change and the courage to take action if that is needed.

The only source of this crystal now, is through beads which are Agates which have been altered, and there is debate as to whether there was ever any natural source. However, it is this alchemic process of transmuting the original Agate that creates the energetic properties, and I only source those that have that energetic resonance and properties.

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