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S1237 Blue Kyanite Cluster

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S1237 Blue Kyanite Cluster

When you see a piece of Kyanite in a matrix, it gives you a real ideal of the way it grows, with the crossing of its blades which add to its properties. If you keep a piece for long enough, the matrix often crumbles away very gradually, exposing and releasing some of the blades.

This is a lovely example of Kyanite, with many blades going in many directions!

Kyanite, in its blue and grey colours, is associated with the throat chakra, and encourages speaking ones truth. It opens the throat chakra and encourages self-expression and communication, clearing confusion and helping us to find the truth. It is perfect to wear in a pendant or necklace where it is close to the throat chakra.

It is also one of the stone that is helping with the upgrade of energies from 3D to 5D, as it helps to open the higher chakras and to assimilate the influx of energies.

Weight 89gms Please see photos for size guidance

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