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S3018 2024 Crystal Grid Number Three and Spiritual Artwork

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S3018 2024 Crystal Grid Number Three and Spiritual Artwork

2024 Crystal Grid Three


Soul Alchemy, Earth Alchemy, healing flow and connection with the Earth, Collaborating with the Earth, dragons, leylines and sacred sites, astrological healing and connection to planets, co-operation, simplicity, bridging

I had three pieces of Kristins’s artwork with the Hermetic Seal of Light design with part of the Earth beneath. You may recognise this geometric shape as I use it for my logo and it is a powerful symbol, a condensed representative of the Soul alchemical process of spiritual transformation, usually symbolised by the transforming of lead into gold. Working with this symbol, willingly and consciously activating it, we can summon and connect with the Divine spark within, reconnect to all aspects of ourselves and (re)align to our Soul, our Soul journey and Source/the Divine/God/Goddess.

Kristin intuited that they are about ‘Earth Alchemy, facilitating healing flow and connection with the Earth’. It was important that we said ‘with; the Earth and not ‘to’ the Earth, as there was a strong connection and correlation of working, alchemising, healing, transforming together, a co-operation. It is also about giving and receiving (healing) and connects to ley lines, sacred sites and can send their energies to you.

After I took down the Winter Solstice grid, these three all wanted to go on the same, planetary cloth and I had to jiggle them and the cloth around on the table to get them to sit around the Earth (on the cloth) at three sides. There is another quite large planet shown in a mustard/yellow colour to the right of the Earth and I wasn’t sure why, but at this stage it was important to leave this ‘open’ and again, maybe this was about collaboration, between the Earth and the Moon which felt balancing.

Grid Four was set up on 3rd January 2024 and a Smoky Brandberg/Brandenberg was placed in the centre as a keystone. As well as helping us to connect to our Soul purpose, a Smoky Brandberg is an excellent Earth healer. This piece is also a bridge, adding energies of bridging the gap, bridging/connecting.

Four Smoky/Amethyst/Citrine small points were placed on the circumference of the circle, supporting the alchemical process and connecting to the 7th Ray. The inner circle of the Hermetic Seal of Light represents  the Divine Spark within ourself, our Heart.

Four Lemurian Quartz points were placed on the corners of the square which represents the physical body . These were pointing around the square in a clockwise direction, helping the energy to flow around it.

Around the Outer Circle and on the three corners of the Triangle were placed  nine small Optical Calcites. The triangle represents the alchemical process of the Soul and the outer circle, the Soul/Higher Self.

This was a very simple but effective grid and the simplicity of it, with powerful healing stones, felt important and part of the message.

Set up on 3rd, the grid was left as described until 6th when the collecting stones were added and I was told that this was because the grid was ‘getting up to temperature’, like an oven and once right (at that moment), the crystals would only need to stay on for a relatively short time but get the maximum energy.

After I had placed these, I looked at the cloth again and felt that the planet to the right of the Earth wasn’t representing the Moon and I noticed another, and dowsing confirmed them as Mercury and Venus, which are the two closest planets to our Sun and in the chart, are never more than two or three signs as they go through their retrograde motion, so there is a close connection. It felt that this would be explored further in Grids Four and Five.

This listing, S3018 is for the artwork and all 18 crystals in the grid as detailed above.

S3019 is for the individual collecting crystals.

© Terrie Celest  Soul Guide

Crystal Grids for 2024 

featuring spiritual artwork by Kristin Ann Wieland

A recent rearranging of my office revealed some prints of artwork created by the very talented spiritual artist, Kristin Ann Wieland who has become a very good friend. Her animal totems have gifted me some amazing visual, healing energies and guidance and I was absolutely blown away when I saw her Soul Journey charts which bring the astrology chart to life, imbued with healing energies.

Trusting that these had revealed themselves with Divine timing, I checked in with Kristin and a collaboration ensued with her art and crystals to create healing grids for 2024.

Each one is individually created, with assistance from Ascended Masters, Angels, Dragons, the Elementals etc. etc. as appropriate for each and sound, essences and astrology have also been used as and where guided.

Each grid is available to buy, complete with the artwork and the crystals and in addition, to make this accessible to everyone, the energies of each grid have been captured in eight ‘receiving’ crystals which are also available to purchase.

You can find out more about Kristin’s work HERE

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