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S3016 2024 Crystal Grid Number Two and Spiritual Artwork

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S3016 2024 Crystal Grid Number Two and Spiritual Artwork

2024 Crystal Grid Two

Keywords – Timing, Venus, Finding Inner balance and harmony, Finding your deep Inner Truth, Accepting with love your emotional Self and needs, Connecting to the Earth with mutual respect and love, Core truth and wisdom, Finding our Potential in 2024

The first grid had to be packed away before I could start this one and by then, it was dark and quite late on 31st December 2023 and there was a strong feeling that this was a contrasting grid, reflecting more of the dark, night, the Moon etc.

I initially intuited a small Quartz Heart as the keystone for the centre and before I could place any others, I had to select and place the 8 collecting crystals so that they would reflect the grid as it evolved. I had already felt that the keystone was only temporary and would be changed later.

8 X Elite Shungite were placed around the outer circle, these take us to zero point, creating space and opening up for opportunities.

The two triangles forming the merkaba comprised:

Upward triangle –

1 x Astrophyllite – helping us to realise that there are no limits to our potential and helping us to realign to our Soul purpose

1 x Rutilated Quartz, helping us to feel safe and secure (to reach our potential), resonating with Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus

1 x Scapolite – for self-sabotage!

Downward triangle (although this felt as if it was bringing energies up)–

1 x Large Natural Apache Tear, this literally fell out of a box when I was getting another crystal after I had looked at them and decided they weren’t right, but the crystal made sure it got my attention and confirmed it was perfect for this grid. This really helps with deep grief and ancestral grief too and also deeply ingrained persecution and fear energies.

1 x Ultra Clear Fire & Ice Quartz – these literally stopped me in my tracks when I opened the box which I got from Judy Hall many Moons ago. I had plenty of stock so left them in the cupboard but these, I suspect, are probably some of the original find ones as their energy and appearance are incredible and have a purity that resonates with Divine energy and realigning to that.

1 x Chrysoprase – these have been photographed and waiting to be listed for some time and now was the time! Fantastic apple green, the characteristic of this crystal that was needed for this grid was its support to heal the inner child, releasing emotions locked in since childhood.

Before leaving the grid overnight, I had to place four vibrant green Chrome Diopsides, with three going on the small triangle around the central Quartz heart and the fourth balancing on top of the heart.

As I was placing these two triangles to form the merkaba, there was a very strong sense that during the night, with no light, as the old year ended, they would help to release old energies that were stopping us reaching our potential. And the grid would then be updated the next day, bringing in the light from the Sun and helping us to do that. Interestingly and unexpectedly, there was a loud clap of thunder followed by a torrential downpour of rain which  caught me completely by surprise and felt releasing and cleansing. I had also been musing on the Apache Tears and the energies it might be helping to release. Being New Year’s Eve it was quiet outside and I was again taken by surprise when I heard the deepest, most painful crying or wailing which peaked outside my house. From a male, with another voice trying to comfort them, I hesitated from going out to see what was going on, wondering if it was someone drunk, but I held back, listening to see if they carried on walking up the street. The depth of the crying was at such a deep, primal level that I was left quite shocked and disturbed afterwards, wondering what could have happened to affect someone that badly, so I was aware it was resonating with something deeply unhealed in myself and was aware that it was a representation of deep grief being healed collectively. The tears not to be shed, we need to cry and to clear the Throat Chakra.

In the morning as I sat at my desk, I put my SAD lamp on and saw how illuminated the crystals looked from that light source behind it, especially the Scapolite, Fire and Ice and the central heart.

As I had already intuited, the overnight phase had been releasing and then the next day two crystals had to be replaced.

The Apache Tears was replaced with a stunning Rainbow Sunstone Cabochon and the Chrysoprase with a lovely Anandalite rosette. I had also had a Satin Spar (Selenite) sphere sat on the side, almost like it was watching and wating to join in, and it now felt right to be added and all three of these were bringing light into the darkness, as if we were coming out the other side, into the light. The sphere went into the centre with the heart moving down slightly and then the whole grid was left overnight.

In the early hours of the morning (2nd), Mercury went direct, and this felt like another layer of ‘coming out the other side’ and needed that energy to be included. I got the words ‘hope’ and ‘progress’. I then had to wait at least 24hrs and this felt as if it waiting for Mercury’s energies to begin moving again, so that there were no static energies, but forward movement and beginning to pick up pace.  The grid was dismantled on 4th January 2024.

The last photo show phase two wit the replaced crystals

This listing, S3016 is for the artwork and all 22 crystals in the grid as detailed above.

S3017 is for the individual collecting crystals.

© Terrie Celest  Soul Guide

Crystal Grids for 2024 

featuring spiritual artwork by Kristin Ann Wieland

A recent rearranging of my office revealed some prints of artwork created by the very talented spiritual artist, Kristin Ann Wieland who has become a very good friend. Her animal totems have gifted me some amazing visual, healing energies and guidance and I was absolutely blown away when I saw her Soul Journey charts which bring the astrology chart to life, imbued with healing energies.

Trusting that these had revealed themselves with Divine timing, I checked in with Kristin and a collaboration ensued with her art and crystals to create healing grids for 2024.

Each one is individually creaed, with assistance from Ascended Masters, Angels, Dragons, the Elementals etc. etc. as appropriate for each and sound, essences and astrology have also been used as and where guided.

Each grid is available to buy, complete with the artwork and the crystals and in addition, to make this accessible to everyone, the energies of each grid have been captured in eight ‘receiving’ crystals which are also available to purchase.

You can find out more about Kristin’s work HERE

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