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S3012 2024 Crystal Grid Number One and Spiritual Artwork

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S3012 2024 Crystal Grid Number One and Spiritual Artwork

2024 Crystal Grid One

Keywords – Timing, Venus, Finding Inner balance and harmony, Finding your deep Inner Truth, Accepting with love your emotional Self and needs, Connecting to the Earth with mutual respect and love, Core truth and wisdom.

The grid was created by placing the following crystals:-

  • Eye of the Storm Heart – placed in the centre as the keystone, connecting to our Heart, taking us to the calm centre within us (at the centre of the merkaba) and connecting to the Heart of the Earth
  • 6 x Natural Jade were placed on the green dots on the outer circle These connect us to Kwan Yin, patron of 2024, compassion, abundance and the flow of Divine feminine
  • The merkaba was created with two triangles comprising:-

3 x Natural Lapis Lazuli – created the downward pointing triangle of the Merkaba. These connect us to Venus, truth, harmony and the energy of the South Node in Libra.

3 x Natural Amethyst/Citrine/Smoky – created the upward pointing triangle of the Merkaba, connecting us to Divine truth, the energy of three, bring Divine energies to balance with those of the Earth and healing energies of St Germain, Lady Portia and Merlin, all connected with the 7th, Violet Ray

  • A grounding and balancing connection to Earth was created with 4 x Celtic/Welsh Quartzes which loosely relate to the elements with their differing energies of a Lumi/Chevron, a Sparkly Milky and Golden Healer, a very natural earthy piece and a Milky Quartz on a matrix. These sat ‘square’ around the merkaba on the inner circle. They also connected in to the four directions and four angles of a chart
  • 8 small Black Obsidian chips were placed around the artwork and brought in transformational energies from Pluto and a reflective quality to help us to see the truth and also our inner beauty, strength and wisdom

Eight collecting crystals were placed around the edges of the grid and Petaltone’s Plant Ally was used to invite the crystals to collect the energies of the grid.

Healing energies were then brought in with the Om tuning fork. This fork is the sound of creation, of life, the heartbeat of the Earth and connects us to Source. The fork I used has the added energy of the Violet Ray.

The connection to Venus is encouraging us to express ourselves more creatively and I liberally dotted Creative essence (Petaltone Essences) all over the grid.

Venus and Dragon tuning forks were then used. These represented balancing energies within the grid, duality in general, the two triangles and also our human and spiritual natures. They had to be introduced and used separately initially, tuning us into the separate, but complementary energies and then together to create harmony and balance.

The grid was created on 31st December 2023


This listing, S3012 is for the artwork and all 25 crystals in the grid as detailed above.

S3013 is for the individual collecting crystals.

I stock some of the Petaltone essences, see my Spray and Essences category and the full range can be bought direct from Petaltone HERE

© Terrie Celest  Soul Guide

Crystal Grids for 2024 

featuring spiritual artwork by Kristin Ann Wieland

A recent rearranging of my office revealed some prints of artwork created by the very talented spiritual artist, Kristin Ann Wieland who has become a very good friend. Her animal totems have gifted me some amazing visual, healing energies and guidance and I was absolutely blown away when I saw her Soul Journey charts which bring the astrology chart to life, imbued with healing energies.

Trusting that these had revealed themselves with Divine timing, I checked in with Kristin and a collaboration ensued with her art and crystals to create healing grids for 2024.

Each one is individually created, with assistance from Ascended Masters, Angels, Dragons, the Elementals etc. etc. as appropriate for each and sound, essences and astrology have also been used as and where guided.

Each grid is available to buy, complete with the artwork and the crystals and in addition, to make this accessible to everyone, the energies of each grid have been captured in eight ‘receiving’ crystals which are also available to purchase.

You can find out more about Kristin’s work HERE

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