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S2304 Weardale Cubic Fluorite

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S2304 Weardale Cubic Fluorite

These immediately caught my eye as they have stunning, large cubic forms and have the dark Fluorite colouring and energies similar to Blue John Fluorite, without the golden, so the purple is dark, almost black in places. This, together with the cubic formation brings a very grounded quality, steadying and grounding the thoughts and helping to bring organisation and purpose.

Placed on the Past Life Chakra (base of skull), these can help to clear karmic blocks in communication from the throat and also the third eye, if it was shut down to stop psychic abilities from being spoken.

Use us to ground and settle your mind, to clear distractions and to find peace in mind. Thoughts are necessary, but so is stillness, which is not to be feared. In stillness you are not alone, and can find the beauty of BE-ing, not DO-ing. Here lies the greatest connection there is to be made on your Earth, to the core of your BE-ing, to your Soul energy, wherein lies the spark of the Creator. Here you will find many answers to questions that you do not even need to ask, as the wisdom is eternal and will find you, if you allow it. Surrender to the stillness and find its exquisite beauty.


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