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S2121 Natural Green Aventurine

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S2121 Natural Green Aventurine

This is an individual piece of natural Green Aventurine. Smaller pieces are available on listing S2091

Please see photos for size guidance Weight 50 gms

Aventurines are a much-overlooked form of Quartz whose sparkly appearance is found in three main colours, Blue, Green and Red-Brown and has been used traditionally in healing and carving way back in history. The tumbled stones tend to be made out of the less sparkly pieces with the more sparkly often kept for the natural pieces.

In either form, these crystals are effective, emotional stabilisers and healers and have a calming effect. They also encourage positivity.

Green Aventurine

This works particularly well with the Heart Chakra, encourages gratitude and helps with spiritual growth. Use a small, tumbled piece on the Spleen Chakra under your left armpit to clear hooks, and this can be held in a bra. This may then need to be balanced with a Carnelian under the right, particularly if anger then comes your way from someone you have cleared hooks from! If tumbled pieces aren’t available, this can be set up as a distance healing, setting the intention, or sit and hold a natural piece outside of your clothing or tape it on.

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