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S2116 Unique Rainbow Quartz Cluster

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S2116 Unique Rainbow Quartz Cluster

Not to be confused with Fire and Ice Quartz which sometimes has the same name this an unusual and naturally occurring form of coloured Quartz. I brought three pieces back from Arkansas a few years ago and have never got around to listing them until now, when they have called to me! One of the reasons it took me so long is that I couldn’t find my original notes on them, and they are still eluding me, but I know these are definitely natural. I could be wrong, but from what little memory I have, I believe they are called Rainbow Quartz because they aren’t technically Amethyst, although the colouring is on those lines, although at different angles and light they look more pink. Through a loupe the colouring isn’t solid, more mottled, so it has definitely formed in a different way.

Anyways, these will either call to you or not, and they definitely don’t feel like Amethyst, with more of a grounded feeling, (they all have some matrix too), somewhere between Amethyst and Iron-Coated or included Quartzes.

Unique pieces that I won’t be able to repeat! This is the largest of the three and is pretty special!

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Weight 269 gms

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