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S1983 Set of 3 - Gaia Blood, Milky Way and Child of Gaia Flints

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S1983 Set of 3 - Gaia Blood, Milky Way and Child of Gaia Flints

This contains the family of Gaia Blood (feminine), Milky Way(masculine) and Child of Gaia. Used together, these can help with inner child and childhood healing, representing the parents and the child. 

Combine weight 65 gms, please see photos for size guidance

Child of Gaia

Inner Child healing

Shows the innocence and purity of new beginnings

Union and communion, connecting

Helping to find things that are lost

Helps to separate from negative parental influences and to find the gifts in those Soul choices

Helps parents to recognise the child as an individual. They are connected, but separate.

Helps to see the self as an integrated being, integrating Spirit and Earth, not either, but both.

Works with bones, joints arthritis

Stops the fight or flight response

Earth healing, reminds us of the innocence of the Earth and that “man” has devastated it. Gaia gives generously but we have to give back, not just take.

Here is a simple process you can try;

Hold a piece of Gaia’s Blood Flint and Milky Way flint, one in each hand. Weigh them in your hands, and try swapping them over to feel which is most comfortable. Often one will feel uncomfortably heavy on one side and swapping them will feel more balanced.

Hold the pieces over your stomach area and image roots coming from each, from the bottom three chakras, going out to your hips and going down towards your feet, joining together as they do,. When they reach your feet they come to the middle, twist together and go down into the Earth, through the Earth Star chakra and on down to the Gaia Gateway. From here, imagine them circling upwards, either side of you, up to the Stellar Gateway above your head, connecting you to your Soul energy and the Soul of the Earth.

Then add the Child of Gaia, putting it between the other two and hold for as long as feels appropriate.

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