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S1963 Flint Nodule with rectangle

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S1963 Flint Nodule with rectangle

Flint Nodules are much overlooked, as they don't sparkle and are usually pretty dull on the outside. What is amazing about these though, is that the unusual shapes that they come in, are created from the space that they filled, usually vacated by sea creatures like fish and sea urchins. They are therefore very connected with the energy of the sea and its creatures, and are perfect for using in Earth (Sea) healing grids, for healing for the dolphins and whales and all sea creatures and for animal communication of all kinds.
Look closely and you will often see the shape or the face of a creature. This piece has hints of Quartz, including a very a small amount of drusy and is the second piece I have found recently with a rectangle in it, the significance of which has yet to be revealed..

EDIT - I have now found three of the Gaia Flints with rectangles in them! And I am getting that, as well as linking to Sacred Geometry and AA Melchizedek, these rectangles are like windows or caves to assist explorations

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