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S1946 Sodalite Tower

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S1946 Sodalite Tower

This new find of Sodalite is beautifully marked and coloured, and all I see in it is galaxies! So I guess it will be particularly helpful for meditating and calming the mind! It was quite hard to capture the true colour, hence the photo on the cream coloured background which proved better than than the purple.


Stabilising the emotions, Bringing peace, Stabilising, Quietening, Improves contact and communication

Sodalite is most commonly seen in its blue form and is much overlooked, often being seen as ‘the poor version of Lapis’, because of its similar colouring and markings. Lapis is, indeed, more expensive, has a richer blue, less veining (when good quality) and has the additional sparkle of pyrite. Interestingly though, Lapis can contain Sodalite.

Sodalite is a very quietening and stabilizing stone, helping to bring peace on all levels, including the emotions and the mind and can help to dissolve rigid beliefs. As well as calming and working with the third eye, it can clarify perception and expands awareness during meditation. This crystal also helps to improve contact and communication with others. Placing it at the Brow, Throat and Sacral chakras helps to release subconscious blocks.

Sodalite is said to enhance the immune system and cleanse the lymphatic system.

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