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S1926 Trigonic Lemurian

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S1926 Trigonic Lemurian

I initially kept this Trigonic Lemurian back, as I was unsure if it was half of a larger piece that had split. I bought a large number of these so it took some while to go through them and 'another half' was never found, and it might be that it split off of a very large piece originally. But closer inspection shows that there are a lot of markings on all the faces, so it is perfect and complete as it is, which is probably the energy it is working with and wants to convey....

Please see photos for size guidance.

Weight 131gms

Lemurians are a powerful form of Quartz, and as the name suggest, they link to the energy of Lemuria, an ancient civilisation that were highly evolved and spiritual. The crystals, characterised by the tapering sides and the striated lines on one or more faces, help us to access ancient wisdom and are excellent helpers for spiritual growth. Just follow the lines and see where you go…..!! It is said that they were carefully placed and covered up by crystal workers aeons ago so that they could fulfil their function now. They help us to see how we fit into the greater scheme of things, and link the energies between Earth and the rest of the Universe.

The Trigonic Lemurians have additional markings and are an exceptionally high vibration, connecting to our higher purpose, recalling Soul fragments, brining unconditional love and forgiveness. They also work with the DNA codes and assist ascension energies. 

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