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S1920 Pack of ten pieces of Grape Chalcedony/Agate perfect for grids

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S1920 Pack of ten pieces of Grape Chalcedony/Agate perfect for grids

A pack of ten small pieces of this beautiful crystal, unique shapes, perfect for grids, could also be made into jewellery.

Please see photos for size guidance.

Grape Chalcedony or Grape Agate, in subtle lavenders and greens, sometimes with soft pinks and creams, emits a calming, gentle energy and its many, small grape-like nodules, give a very unusual and intriguing look, often literally looking like a bunch of grapes, hence the name. Each crystal is different, has unique colouration and personality and when all the individual nodules join together they combine their strengths to make something bigger, stronger and unique.

This crystal encourages collaboration and helps us to find our tribe, groups of people who have similar and shared values, where we can retain our authenticity whilst also adding to the group.

This intriguing crystal also helps to overcome fears and conquer our inner terrorist, the inner saboteur, helping to quieten its voice and the fears behind it, and emitting a reassuring energy like a hug from our favourite granny, it tells us; All is well, and all will be well. Put your feet up, rest, relax, it’s OK. Terrorists, the crystal pointed out, thrive on fear. It’s what they strive to create. But the crystal was firm in its intention to counteract this and to help us to remain calm, especially through potentially difficult times.

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