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S1851 Very Large Gaia Blood Flint

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S1851 Very Large Gaia Blood Flint

This is a huge piece of the Gaia Blood Flint, with one stunning large face that shows the characteristic deep, blood red colour. There are also hints of the blue, Milky Way Flint on another face, and there the whole piece is full of character.

Please see photos for size guidance, weight 789gms

This red Flint which sometimes includes a combination of a deep red (Gaia’s Blood) and blue (Milky Way) flint, works on feminine, matriarchal and ancestral mothering issues and is helping to clear and heal these energies and empower women. Empowering is probably its key property, clearing old energies of disempowerment, especially for women and where feminine natures have been suppressed.

The deep red is reminiscent of blood and menstrual blood, and it can help with issues from past lives or in this lifetime, such as stillbirths, trauma from a hysterectomy, painful periods, birthing traumas, sexual abuse and conception issues.

The grounding quality of the flint seems to help a detached viewpoint and for gentle processing of emotions, rather than being overwhelmed by them, and it calms and grounds after any release. Healing can be sent back through the ancestral line.

Try using in the pelvic area, from the belly button, which links to maternal energies, downwards.

Combine with Milky Way Flint for balancing masculine/feminine energies, and to bring in positive masculine, empowering energies, especially after healing any feminine issues with the Gaia’s Blood Flint.

Child of Gaia completes this trio of UK Flints and combining these three bring powerful, ancestral and family healing.

Find out more about the family of Gaia Flints in my blog here 

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