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S1823 Dumortierite

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S1823 Dumortierite

More earthy than its look-alikes, Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli, Dumortierite can calm without lowering energy levels and brings an easy flow to everyday life. It works well with the throat chakra, stimulating conversation  encouraging the sharing of advice, and helping to find resolution when there are opposing points of view. Physically it also stimulates communication between the body’s various systems. It cultivates patience, positive detachment and calms irritation.

Dumortierite also works on a Soul level, stimulating clairvoyance, helping to access past lives, express spiritual ideas, understand hidden meanings, breaking cycles of co-dependency and addictions. Placing on the Soma and Past Life chakras, can help to rescind vows, clear ties and access past lives, whilst placing behind the ear can help to awaken clairaudience.

Connecting us to our Soul path, it brings back self-confidence and reawakens our self-preservation instinct.

This is a piece of natural/rough Dumortierite in Quartz.

Please see photos for size guidance.

Weight 12 gms

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