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S1804 Gaia Phoenix Flints various from £5

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S1804 Gaia Phoenix Flints various from £5

Out of the ashes of the fires where Gaia Blood Flint was found, emerged the Gaia Phoenix Flint. The Gaia Blood was found in an area where trees had been cleared to ‘prevent disease’. These trees and their branches were then piled into a number of heaps and burnt, obviously to prevent the disease spreading further. Beneath these piles, and around them there were Gaia Blood and other flints, which have been either scorched, stained with soot or completely roasted in the fires. Those that have been caught in these fires have changed. Some are now drier, lighter and more brittle and disintegrate and separate further as healing takes place and old energies are discarded. Some have become lighter in colour whilst others have taken on a richer hue. 

As well as working on all the feminine and ancestral aspects that the Gaia Blood works with, the Gaia Phoenix helps with persecution energies, old witchcraft energies of being burnt, hung or drowned and any energies associated with not being accepted for who you truly are. It helps to bring more authentic expression through clearing old energies associated with conforming, being restricted physically or mentally, and not being believed or accepted for your values and beliefs.

This listing is for a selection of Gaia Phoenix Flints.

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Find out more about the family of Gaia Flints in my blog here 

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