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S1747 Thunder Bay (red capped) Amethyst point

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S1747 Thunder Bay (red capped) Amethyst point

This powerful and energetic form of Amethyst is particularly helpful at the moment with the raising of our vibrations, and can adjust the physical body to accept these changes, purifies the aura and carries ancient wisdom. It can help to relieve stress and insomnia, and the hematite links to the blood

It is also called Red Capped or Canadian Red Capped Amethyst and can also be found in Madagascar and India but these pieces come from Thunder Bay in Canada and are recognisable by the darkness of the Amethyst and the red hematite coating. This adds a grounding quality to the Amethyst, linking the Base Chakra with the Crown and the Soul Star to the Earth Star chakras and the Earth with Spirit, helping to ground high vibrations and insights. The hematite also adds a protective quality against EMFs and helps us keep our feet firmly on the ground, so is helpful for those who find it difficult being in a physical body or who have a tendency to float off when meditating or journeying, whilst enhancing our ability to connect to guides and other sources of spiritual help. It can help to identify and release karmic energies behind addictions and to reframe karmic contracts.

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