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S1742 Natural Selenite UK

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S1742 Natural Selenite UK

These Selenites (true Selenite, not Satin Spar), are being very helpful at the moment as we are trying to raise our vibration, bringing clarity and clearing blocks in the 3rd eye. They have a very unique combination of energies, combining an organic natural look and feel with high vibration, connecting to higher consciousness with a grounded and calming quality that helps to bring those insights back to the Earth plane for integration and manifestation. The natural stepped effect that we see on them, helps us to go through layers and to receive information in stages, rather than being overwhelmed by a splurge!

These properties work well with the current energies and with the Sun being in spiritual Pisces, where we can become a bit lost or ungrounded. Having a strong spiritual connection to Source/the Universe is what a lot of us are aiming for, but if we end up as ‘space cadets’, floating several feet off the ground, it is difficult to integrate that spiritual side with our everyday, human/mundane life. Ideally, we want to be grounded AND have that strong connection to bring the insights and information into our everyday life so that we can integrate them, act on them  and manifest them. They are also protective, and can be used in the home or office to counteract wi-fi and other energy disturbances, further helping us to keep our own energies high and clear.

These fabulous pieces of Selenite are from the UK and have been hand 'mined' (usually found in the Earth) and no chemicals have been used in the cleaning process. They have amazing shapes, some being swallow-tailed or fish-tailed, each characterful and energetic but also very calming. Many make lovely wands.

Under the camera lens and in some of the photos, a golden colour can be seen but to the naked eye, these look clear, with some markings which look external but are actually internal and are where the earth has been included as the crystal has formed.

Pairing with Black Tourmaline makes the ultimate balancing, grounding, centering and protecting pair.

This is a fishtail piece with fantastic energy. Of all the ones I photographed, this one was the clearest and brightest through the camera lens.

Weight 76gms

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