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S1722 Black Amber various from £10

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S1722 Black Amber various from £10

Black Amber, from Indonesia, is a highly protective stone, even more so than its clear counterpart. It is Amber mixed with soil or parts of the tree from which the fossilized resin oozed. Black Amber can be used for personal protection, and holding a piece above your head and imagining it melting around your aura (energy field), provides a calming, grounding and protective shield and can also help to remove hooks in the aura. It creates a powerful shield against psychic attack, especially when gridded in a triangular formation, and blocks psychic vampires from stealing your energy. If you feel energetically depleted, Black Amber helps you to feel much less vulnerable and encourages you to ‘self-care’; to look after your own needs as well as constantly giving to others – a powerful reason for energetic depletion in therapists and carers.

Place it on the base and sacral chakras to absorb and transmute negative energy and release blockages to kundalini energy flow.

It is also available as an essence here

Available in various sizes, please see photos for size guidance

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