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S1717 Large Deep Red Blood Calcite

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S1717 Large Deep Red Blood Calcite

All Calcites help to clear negative, especially stagnant, energies and cleanse the physical and subtle bodies. They help to open us to higher consciousness and psychic abilities, accelerating spiritual development. They also connect the emotions with the intellect, creating emotional intelligence. 

The colouring of the much rarer Red, and with that it is also called Blood Red, suggests that this variety of Calcite will work well with the Base and Sacral chakras. Like the Blood of Gaia, it helps with 'feminine issues', and anything connected to womens' cycles, childbirth, sexual abuse etc. They also help to settle energies which may have their roots in being seen or treated differently as a female, or for deeply ingrained self-worth issues.

This is a huge chunk, solid brick red throughout, apart from a few small clear pieces in places. When I first got it, I sat it in my lap as I was sat at my desk, and I can vouch for how powerful it is, settling, grounding and clearing. To be honest, I've avoided listing it as I like it so much, but I know it has a new home to go to somewhere....

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Weight 1lbs 4 oz / 566gms

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