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S1622 Tourmaline and Quartz pendant

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S1622 Tourmaline and Quartz pendant

These have a lovely energy, combining the two crystals. 

Black Tourmaline (Schorl) is one of the best grounding and protecting stones, connecting us to the Earth and shielding the aura from electromagnetic disturbance, psychic attack and ill-wishing. It will ground and protect a space and can be placed in windowsills, corners of a room, by wi-fi, computers etc. (Dowse or intuit what is appropriate for you and your circumstances). It connects to the Base Chakra where it destresses, grounds and stimulates lifeforce energy.

Mentally, Black Tourmaline helps to clear negative thoughts bringing objectivity and a more laid-back attitude. Due to its formation, it works quickly, grounding us to the Earth. The Clear Quartz can amplify the Tourmaline, with the sphere shape sending the energy out on all directions, and this can also aid clarity.

Due to the nature of crystals, each one will be slightly different, and the patterns on the collar also vary slightly. We will find the perfect one for you.

Please see photos for size guidance.

Chains available, should be shown in suggestions beneath this listing. I could also add a cord, please email me if you would like one. 

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