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S1507 Lumi

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S1507 Lumi

These unique and fascinating crystals are a form of the Celtic Quartz. The beings that inhabit the crystals have made themselves known as ‘The Lumi’, star beings of light who wish to assist our planet. Rather like the Azez, they uplift the vibrations of any stone they inhabit. They have chosen Celtic Quartz from the crystal mountain in Wales, to be their home here on Earth. They can be in small, clear or golden clusters and also in the Chevron variety. Their sparkle and iridescent is quite extraordinary, a subtle cross between Ananadalite and Rainbow Mayanite, making them shimmer between two worlds – or should that be multi-dimensions? They most certainly help you to journey between the worlds.The Lumi are an advanced form of consciousness with echoes of ancient Egypt and no doubt elsewhere.

Lumi are particularly effective in a grid to bring light into an area. Their intention being to bring healing to the planet.’

Photo for guidance only, a Lumi will be intuitively selected for you.

May contain potentially toxic components, please wash your hands after handling and do not put in water if making elixirs or essences

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