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S1497 Preseli Bluestone Skull

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S1497 Preseli Bluestone Skull

This interesting skull is carved differently to the other ones. As well as having a flat base, he gives the impression, both physically and energetically, that he has no mouth, although he has. He feels as if his mouth is taped shut, he has been silenced, and he wants to work with someone who has had this in their own life, and has difficulty speaking up, speaking their own truth. Together, you can both find your voice!

Weight 192 gms Please see photos for size guidance

Forming the centre stones at Stonehenge, Preseli Bluestone comes from the Preseli mountains in Wales and has a timeless quality that helps to access far memory and past lives, as it opens a doorway to different dimensions. It particularly links to Celtic and Egyptian knowledge and assists Soul retrieval and disconnecting from emotional entanglements. Both a high vibration and grounding, it both energises and relaxes, helping to even out physical imbalances and bring clarity through steading the mind.

Preseli Bluestone has a strong connection with herbs and herbalism and can bring answers through dreams. It works with the senses, particularly sound and physically helps the ears, nose and throat, helping with hearing problems that have an emotional or energetic base. Linking with ancient ceremonies, singing and dancing at Stonehenge, Preseli can be used with ceremonies and rituals, enhancing the effect of sound and movement.

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