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S1453 Pack of Bronzite, Lapis Lace and Smoky Quartz

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S1453 Pack of Bronzite, Lapis Lace and Smoky Quartz

This pack of three crystals has been put together to use in a relaxing and destressing technique. The Bronzite is placed at the Solar Plexus or heart, the Smoky Quartz beneath your feet and the Lapis Lace at your third eye, on your brow. Full instructions below

This package deal gives a saving of over 20% on the individual prices of buying these tumblestones, which can be bought separately;

S1260 AA Grade Large Smoky Quartz tumbles £5 ea

S1390 Lapis Lace, Scheelite in Calcite tumbles £7.50 ea

S1257 Bronzite tumbles £3 ea

Destressing and relaxing technique, using Bronzite,

General guidelines for using crystal nets, please read beforehand

  • Always dowse or muscle-test that it is appropriate to do a crystal layout or net, at that time, before commencing
  • Always cleanse your crystals before and after and wash your hands after handling crystals
  • Please take responsibility for your own safety, ensure that you will be undisturbed and physically safe. Turn off electronic devices and disconnect the landline for the duration! Allow yourself plenty of time, including being undisturbed for a while afterwards, to allow it to integrate before continuing with your day
  • If you are lying down, give yourself permission to have this time of self-care, and allow yourself to just be. Take a few moments to check in with how you feel beforehand, without judgement, just notice. When the net is complete, tune in again, and notice any changes.
  • A crystal net usually works in layers, and you might feel a shift of energy, sometimes signalled by a sigh or a yawn, after about 4 or 5 minutes, or you might just feel you are more aware, ‘coming back up’. You can then choose to stay for a further 4-5 minutes if you wish to go deeper, and you can do this three or four times. You do not need to time this, just be aware of when it ‘feels done’ and check for self-sabotage that you are not just ‘dipping your toe in the water’ for a couple of minutes!
  • Please ensure you are fully grounded and back in your body before continuing with your day. Drinking water will help this and will also assist clearing energies.
  • Write down any experiences so you can refer back to them and gain greater understanding.

Bronzite de-stressing and relaxing technique

This crystal net could also be used as a distance healing, by placing the crystals on a body representation, or on an astrology natal chart. As above, please check that it is appropriate to do so beforehand. This works more subtly in the background. Dowse as to how long to leave the crystals in place for, and check back in as you feel guided. Sometimes you just need to spray the crystals with a crystal cleaner, and leave them in place for longer.

Crystals required; - 1 x Bronzite, 1 x Lapis Lace (scheelite in Calcite), 1 x Smoky Quartz

Always check that it is appropriate to do a net before commencing and follow the general guidelines shown above.

Lie down and place a Smoky Quartz (or other grounding crystal), beneath your feet. If you are using a point, this should be pointing downwards, away from the body.

Place the Bronzite at your Solar Plexus or Heart.

Place the Lapis Lace on your Brow / Third Eye chakra. Alternative crystals to try here would be Amethyst or Clear Quartz.

When you feel the healing is complete, remove the crystals in reverse order, with the Smoky Quartz or other grounding crystal being last. If you feel floaty, lie or sit with the Smoky Quartz below your feet or near your Base Chakra until you feel fully grounded.

Write down your experiences whilst they are fresh in your mind.

Ensure you are fully grounded and back in your body before continuing with your day. Drinking water will help this and will also assist clearing energies.

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