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C1858 Blue John Fluorite, slightly 'imperfect' please read description

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C1858 Blue John Fluorite, slightly 'imperfect' please read description

This is a stunning piece of the rare Blue John Fluorite which displays a deep layer of the very dark purple, almost black Fluorite, some of the golden Fluorite and lovely banding. The dark Fluorite is also peaking through the top. It has been left half natural and half has been covered with a beautifully smooth, light coating of a resin or varnish/sealant, which enhances the colour and markings, and does not detract from the energetics. However, on close up, I spotted that whatever has been used has run in a couple of places onto the natural side. It is not immediately obvious, and you are more likely to feel it than see it. I have not attempted to remove this and left it as it is. I have reduced the price to reflect this, although it does not change the energies and properties. 

When crystals have 'imperfections', these, in fact, can add to the qualities and are often called empathy nicks, cracks, and the properties of the 'imperfection' add that healing quality that someone can relate to. For example, they can help people who might have felt unloved or ignored due to being seen to be, or told that they are 'imperfect' in some way. They can also be good for people to work with, if they have a controlling or perfectionist nature themselves, helping them to appreciate others and things that don't initially meet their exacting standards. 

Please see photos for size guidance. Weight 81gms

This rare form of Fluorite is only found in Derby, UK. The name is said to come from the French, Bleu et Jaune, - Blue and Yellow – referring to the two most dominant colours found in this variety. Often, the deep purples are almost black. In addition to the generic Fluorite properties, Blue John is additionally excellent for spiritual workers and anyone sensitive to energies, helping to prevent us from giving too much energy away, or taking too much in. It can act as a catalyst for spiritual growth and assists teaching and learning and also energies and renews mind, body and Soul. 

Blue John seems to have a resonance with Cathar past lives and can help access energies from those times, healing persecution echoes and helping to reclaim power from that time.

Caireen Todd, of Bluestone Vibrational Therapies has created an essence which combines Blue John and Gaia Phoenix Flint called Blue Phoenix

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