The Gaia Flints

The Gaia Flint Quartet

All of these can, of course, be used individually, and in addition, when used together, they have powerful ancestral and family-healing properties, and especially can help with re-balancing masculine and feminine energies and inner child healing. They were all found on the same piece of cleared hillside in the UK, and form a family of powerful healers. The cleared bushes and undergrowth are now regrowing and reclaiming the land.

Gaia’s Blood (Blood of Gaia), is a pink or red Flint that works on feminine, mothering and ancestral feminine energies, especially helping women reclaim their power. The deep red is reminiscent of blood and menstrual blood, and it can help with issues from past lives or in this lifetime, such as stillbirths, trauma from a hysterectomy, painful periods, birthing traumas, sexual abuse and conception issues. It gives a detached viewpoint for gentle emotional processing, avoiding overwhelm and the healing can be sent back through the ancestral line.

Milky Way Flint is usually angular and is the masculine counterpart to the Gaia Blood. It is characteristically a solid blue in colour, some pieces are more grey with patterning that can look like the sky or galaxies. Once the feminine energy is reclaimed with the Gaia Blood, this stone can bring in positive, assertive masculine energies. It also assists in restoring the balance to overly-macho male energy and rebalances masculine energy uniting it with the feminine.

Child of Gaia, was the last of the family to be discovered (it told us its name!), is characteristically white, or very pale colours, may have some translucency, and generally exudes an energy of simplicity, pureness, almost an angelic quality in some pieces. Most of them do not feel like a ‘rugged’ Flint, being much softer, often soft to the touch too. This works on Inner Child healing, shows the innocence and purity of new beginnings, helps to separate from negative parental influences and to find the gifts in those Soul choices and helps parents to recognise the child as an individual.

Gaia Phoenix can be any of the other three Flints, that were burnt in the fires on the land that were lit to burn all the trees and bushes that were cut down. They were literally found in the ashes of these and represent persecution energies including witchcraft, of being burnt at the stake, hung or drowned, also Cathar energies and any form of persecution, especially of the feminine. It helps to bring more authentic expression through clearing old energies associated with conforming, being restricted physically or mentally, and not being believed or accepted for your values and beliefs. Like the Phoenix, help us to rise again from the ashes.

Al of these have the generic Flint characteristics and properties of an ancient, stabilising and grounding stone, especially when processing emotions. It is supportive while processing problems and helps to clear blockages.

Here is a simple technique you can try;

Hold a piece of Gaia’s Blood Flint and Milky Way flint, one in each hand. Weigh them in your hands, and try swapping them over to feel which is most comfortable. Often one will feel uncomfortably heavy on one side and swapping them will feel more balanced.

Hold the pieces over your stomach area and image roots coming from each, from the bottom three chakras, going out to your hips and going down towards your feet, joining together as they do,. When they reach your feet they come to the middle, twist together and go down into the Earth, through the Earth Star chakra and on down to the Gaia Gateway. From here, imagine them circling upwards, either side of you, up to the Stellar Gateway above your head, connecting you to your Soul energy and the Soul of the Earth.

Then add the Child of Gaia, putting it between the other two and hold for as long as feels appropriate.

© Terrie Celest