Crystal of the Month June 2021

Eye of The Storm (Judy’s Jasper)

June could certainly be described as stormy in terms of the astrological weather, with the second eclipse, Mercury retrograde, the Summer Solstice, two more planets going retrograde and the second Saturn/Uranus square! We certainly need some crystal help with this constantly changing astrological weather.

Eye of the Storm (aka Judy's Jasper) calms and centres us, like taking us to the eye of a storm where we can find peace and stillness. It calms the heart, emotions and body, easing fear and panic and can bring perspective and objectivity, showing us the bigger picture and allowing us to see where we have made things bigger than they really are. It reminds us that life is constantly changing and it plugs us back into the flow of life and abundance, whilst showing us how effort might be needed and boosts self-worth.

As my Crystal of the Month for June 2021, 15% off will automatically be applied to all Eye of the Storm throughout June.