Chakra Crystal Nets for 2022

I was recently asked about Chakra sets of crystals which got me thinking……

I have avoided creating any of the standard, rainbow colourings, as, although these do help, when I am working on myself or with clients on the Chakras, I usually find that we need a bespoke crystal for each Chakra. In addition, as we move from 3D to 5D energies, you may already have heard people like Tim Whild talk about how the Chakra system is expanding, and how, with the higher vibration energies, the colours for each Chakra are changing! So I have meant to review which crystals will align with these new colours for some time, and this was a prompt that it was time to do so.

When I did tune in to this to see which crystals currently want to work with which Chakra, instead of a generic set I was guided to create monthly Chakra Crystal Nets for 2022, as a tool for evolvement throughout the coming year. Our systems are still changing and there cannot yet, be a definite selection of crystals for each chakra so we are being encouraged to follow this evolvement via these monthly nets.

There are crystals for 13 Chakra points, each month, but some of the crystals can remain in place for several months, which means you do not need 13 new crystals each month! For example, at the Gaia Gateway Chakra, Ancestralite and Rose Quartz are used for the entire first six months. Nor is it complicated to do as in its simplest form, you can just set the crystal net up in the background, cleanse the crystals every now and then and then swap whichever ones need changing for the next month. You can also get more involved and evolve this net as suits you and you can also lie directly in the crystals for a deeper healing.  

You might have some of the crystals already, so may only need to add one or two to your existing collection and tumblestones can be used in most cases, so it need not be a great expense. These nets are designed to build into a powerful tool for spiritual growth as they help us to release, heal and integrate through the year in alignment with the monthly astrology and energies. However, as always, I encourage you to use and follow your intuition and do what feels right for you, and you can just concentrate on one or two Chakras if you wish, or maybe just pick a month or two to work with.

Please keep an eye on my blog posts on the Crystalwise website, where full details will be published for you to work with each month, and both individual crystals and complete sets will be available to purchase.