Crystal of the Month July 2021



Breaking cycles of karma, Healing family patterns, Clearing familial and societal conditioning, Accessing the Akashic Records

As the name suggests, this crystal is perfect for clearing and healing karma and patterns from the ancestral line and at the same time, it preserves the Soul learning from those experiences so that they can be brought into the present and seeded into the future. It also assists accessing the Akashic Records. It is the perfect stone for lineage breakers who are working on breaking the cycle of karma in families or societies, which can manifest in many ways, including thought patterns, beliefs, attitudes, communication and actions. They are stopping these cycles repeating for future generations.

This stone also helps to heal childhood energies, separating yourself out from parents, parental influences and helping us to find our authentic expression

This potent crystal was originally available in its natural or rough form, and polished pieces, tumbles, pendants and palmstones are also now available. Ancestralite skulls tend to be very proactive and work on ancestral healing and link back to some master skulls that are placed around the globe, clearing the energies in the collective too.

One of the Ancestralite Master Skulls, training up a smaller 'student'.

Unusually, Ancestralite has quite a masculine energy, and this could be because it came forward to help to clear old masculine energies within society. The vast majority of the skulls have been masculine, and pairing with a lighter, more feminine stone, like Rose Quartz, Mangano Calcite or Selenite, brings a balancing energy, and lightens the Ancestralite.

This lovely pair have held the space in my distance healing sessions for many months,  helping to clear at the Gaia Gateway chakra, on a slice of Ancestralite.

Here are two ways you can try working with Ancestralite

  • Set up a grid with small (cleansed) pieces around your natal chart, around a photograph or something that represents a situation, emotion or event that you would like to transform; this can be as simple as a word written on a piece of paper. You can add a coloured cloth or place on a sacred symbol like the Flower of Life, if that feels right. 

     Ask the crystals to work with you, for the highest good of all, and place as many as feels appropriate (I would suggest a minimum of four) around the chart or item. Dowse or use your intuition to see if other crystals or items need to be added, and how long they              need to be left in place for, remembering to clean them periodically (dowse or intuit how often). 

     Or you could place one larger piece in the middle, and again, check to see if other crystals or anything else needs to be added.

  • Sit quietly and comfortably, and hold a (cleansed) piece of Ancestralite. Ask it to work with you to send healing to the ancestral lineage, as is appropriate, and for the highest good of all. Imagine the energy of the crystal going backwards and also outwards, spreading along the branches of the family tree. See its healing energies spreading, cleansing and healing. Do this for as long as feels appropriate, going ‘back’ or ‘out’ as far as you feel is right, until you feel that is complete, for now. (You can repeat this as often as you feel drawn to, each time will clear another layer, as is appropriate at that moment in time). You can set the intention, and ask the stone to continue the healing, to keep it going, as is appropriate, even though you are moving on to the next stage.

Then imagine the energies coming forward again, and as they do, they pick up the learning, the gifts from history, the past, and bring those gifts forward with you, into the present.

Finally, and very importantly, imagine then sending those gifts also out into the future, for yourself, your family and future generations to access when needed. When you feel this is complete, slowly bring yourself back into the room and make sure you are grounded before resuming your day.

Thank your crystal, and remember to cleanse it before putting it away or on a healing, and as always, wash your hands after handling any crystals.

© Terrie Celest