Acknowledging and releasing anger

Acknowledging and releasing anger

Anger is a very real and valid emotion and one that can bring a lot of shame and guilt if it takes over us or is out of control, as it is often, but not always, projected outwards, on others. What triggers us on the surface, may seem inconsequential when examined logically, but remember that when deep emotions arise, they are not governed by logic! We can be stressed for many reasons, giving us a ‘short fuse’, or the anger can be buried within us, unexpressed, until an outside catalyst presses ‘one of our buttons’, connecting with the buried anger, opening it up. There can be old hurts that can also be triggered and we respond angrily as a defence mechanism. If we have ‘wounds’, like a lack of self-worth, and someone criticises or belittles us, anger can be our verbal sword to fight back from that old hurt.

Anger is a very primal energy, is associated with the fight, flight or freeze survival response, the adrenals, the Base chakra and weakens the liver, or liver energy within our meridians.

Whether we are stressed, have buried anger or other buried emotions, there are things we can do to help to release and heal them and whilst this is a big subject, I will try to offer some of my thoughts and suggestions here.

Stress is now being acknowledged as one of the biggest dis-eases in our society and we are understanding more and more, the importance of self-care, slowing down, meditation, taking time out and/or in nature, etc. etc. Not always easy I know, but simple things like taking a salt bath can be an investment of our time, instead of a ‘waste’ of it, as it can help to reset and prevent the stress building. Crystals that can calm us and destress include Eye of the Storm, Grape Chalcedony, Aquamarine, Arkansas Quartz (iron-coated or golden), Gabbro, Mangano Calcite, Flint and generally any grounding crystal or grounding method will relieve some degree of stress or anxiety. Calming, centering and grounding are keys to self-care. I thoroughly recommend sound therapy, whether through tuning forks, crystal bowls or a gong bath; sound is a pure vibration, much like crystals, that can help to restore our own energy to its true vibration. It can get us out of our heads and is very relaxing, clearing and restoring.

Something that I am being guided to share are mirror-images from photos, which are made using a simple app. Its fascinating to do, and I quickly realised that there were some very intriguing and energetic shapes being formed. Some have portals, some have clearing or healing energies, some calming, like the one above, and I invite you to sit and study it deeply, and notice how you feel afterwards. The longer you look at it, the more relaxed you will become, and maybe some insights will come to you. Let me know, I would love your feedback on how this made you feel and how it helped.

If we sense that the anger lies deeper, that raises the question of course, of what this underlying anger is? Going back to childhood is always the place to start, and to recall the earliest memory associated with anger, whether that was anger aimed at us, or our own anger. Maybe we got angry and learnt to suppress it because of the reactions of those around us, or because we associated it with (negative) consequences. Revisiting that time and giving our inner child the response and love that it needed at the time, is an excellent technique. If you lived with an angry person, or anyone held or shook you whilst being angry, it is possible to take some of that anger into your energy field and body, so it can feel like your own; it becomes almost like a learned behaviour that is not our own. In terms of how to clear this, try any of the other methods, and in addition, learning to clear our energy field regularly, ancestral clearing and keeping our energies as high and as authentic as possible will help.

One thing that is becoming apparent in our journey from 3D to 5D, is that healing and clearing are taking place much faster - energies, emotions and traumas are more easily accessible and also, when it comes to healing them, we don’t always need to know the source. We no longer need to spend years in therapy, but therapy can be a very useful tool to access and understand our triggers and unconscious responses. Talking therapy can help to bring matters to light, and understanding, and other methods can then be used to help to clear them.

Astrologically, anger is associated with Mars, the masculine archetype, and its fiery nature is fuelled by impatience, frustration and lack of speed. Mars rules Aries, and they are known for ‘not suffering fools gladly’, and we can all experience this trait from Mars at times. This type of anger is often more spontaneous, quick to rise and quick to forget, it flows through and is gone, although the person on the receiving end might not get over it as quickly! It can be a life lesson to learn alternative, less fiery or less combative responses, and often links to balancing masculine and feminine energies, for which there are a host of crystals. In particular, Blue Lace Agate can help us to speak our truth, but with kindness!  I have a whole section of crystals on the Crystalwise website for masculine and feminine energies.

The type of anger that needs deep healing and releasing, comes more from something deeply buried in the unconscious, and is being held in the body. So, what can we do if anger is a problem for us? As I have said, anger is a valid emotion and holds the key to something we need to look at and release, so blocking it can be counter-productive and can be equally unhealthy. Anger can show us when our boundaries are being crossed, when we are being disrespected, when our values aren’t being met, when there is a threat of danger, so we don’t want to block it entirely. I think the best phrase is ‘appropriate and safe use’.

With the Mars connection, taking action, and in particular, moving fast, is a great and simple way to release any pent up energy. If we aren’t into running, walking fast or even running on the spot, stamping or bashing a pillow can help, and the faster, and more furious, the better! Go for it, as hard and fast as you can safely do so. Verbalising, grunting, toning, shouting or screaming can all be added and if we can do this from the top of a hill, we can imagine sending it out for the cosmos to transform, as is appropriate.

A much overlooked but extremely effective way to change our energy and release is through laughter. Try laughing in seven different ways and see what happens. If you’ve got people with you, you can take it in turns to come up with a different laugh, and the infection will soon catch on. It is hugely transformative, and everyone ends up feeling happy!

Both the Universe/Source and the Earth/Gaia, can transform the energy for us, so we can imagine sending it down through our grounding columns, or releasing in a cloud or balloon that rises out of sight above us. Set the intention beforehand, and ask for the anger to be released from you and for it to be transformed, as is appropriate.

Crystals that can help release anger include Carnelian, Onyx, Selenite, Rubellite, Alabaster and Bronzite.

We can also ask to be shown what deeper layers lie beneath the surface. Crystals that have a lined or chevron effect and also a funnel, tapering shape like the Chevron Celtic Quartz, help us to go down through those layers one at a time, or to bring the energies up to the surface one layer at a time.

Deeper layers that show as anger can have many sources and can include guilt, lack of self-worth, Karpman triangle patterns, impatience, lack of trust etc. etc. Once identified, these deeper layers can be investigated and healed with appropriate therapies or crystals.

Terrie Celest 2021

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This article is in no way meant as a diagnosis or health advice. Please be self-aware and consult appropriate help for deep trauma, emotional or physical issues or concerns.